Tax Day 2021

By Richard Jackson | 29th April 2021

The Spring Budget on 3 March was not the end of the taxing story. The run up to the March Budget was accompanied by…

ESG is an important factor in investment decisions

ESG comes into its own

By Richard Jackson | 28th April 2021

Three letters, ESG, have become a major driving force in investment decisions.  ESG – environmental, social and governance – considerations are playing an ever-increasing…

Should you incorporate?

By Richard Jackson | 28th April 2021

The planned increase in corporation tax has changed some of the mathematics on incorporation. The Budget announced a significant change to corporation tax from…

Global dividends in 2020

By Richard Jackson | 26th April 2021

A recent report showed that global dividend payments held up much better than those in the UK in 2020.  For investors in UK shares…

The twenty-year IHT freeze

By Richard Jackson | 23rd April 2021

The freeze on the inheritance tax (IHT) nil rate band will mean more tax from more estates.   In March 2006 the then Chancellor, Gordon…

Plans are in hand to raise the normal minimum pension age or NMPA

NMPA: Were you born after 5 April 1971?

By Richard Jackson | 9th April 2021

A new consultation paper has set out more details of an increase in the normal minimum retirement age or NMPA.   In February the Treasury…

Government bond interest rates quadruple in January and February.

UK interest rates quadruple in two months

By Richard Jackson | 7th April 2021

The UK base rate may be stuck at 0.1%, but there is interest rate movement elsewhere.  The Bank of England has kept its base…

Inflation measured by the CPI may be set to return

CPI – Inflation at a turning point?

By Richard Jackson | 5th April 2021

We could see a jump in inflation soon. The pandemic has posed problems for the Office for National Statistics (ONS) when it comes to…

The The Budget announced a five-year freeze to the standard lifetime allowance or SLA

Pensions lifetime allowance devaluation continues

By Richard Jackson | 2nd April 2021

The Budget announced a five-year freeze to the standard lifetime allowance for pensions. The standard lifetime allowance (SLA) is an important pensions number. It…

The 2021 Budget represented a tightening of the screw from a tax perspective

The spring 2021 Budget

By Richard Jackson | 31st March 2021

A quiet turning of the tax screw. Just before the Budget arrived on March 3, it seemed as if the Chancellor would have nothing…

Interest rates double since March

Interest rates double since March 2020

By Richard Jackson | 24th February 2021

No, the headline is not wrong…  Interest rates matter. At the personal finance end of the spectrum, they determine what you earn from bank…

Tax planning: start now for next year

Tax planning: Prepare for the new tax year

By Richard Jackson | 22nd February 2021

Taking some time to start planning for 2021/22 now can be worthwhile.   While there is often a focus on planning for the end of…

Investors have key lessons to learn after the Covid-19 pandemic

Four financial lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic

By Richard Jackson | 18th February 2021

As the pandemic enters its second year, what have we learned?  The World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic on 11 March 2020, coincidentally…

First-time buyer deposits rise after Covid-19 property boom

By Richard Jackson | 16th February 2021

The average deposit paid by first-time homebuyers jumped by £10,000 in 2020. When the pandemic took hold in the first half of last year,…

Hopes for UK dividends in 2021

UK dividends: A bad 2020, but a better 2021?

By Richard Jackson | 16th February 2021

New data show how far UK dividends fell last year, but projections for 2021 suggest the declines are nearly over.   In January 2021, Link…

The pension triple lock will deliver a 2.5% increase in April

State pensions: the triple lock marches on…

By Richard Jackson | 25th January 2021

The main state pensions will rise by 2.5% in April.  The absence of an autumn Budget in 2020 meant that there was no formal…

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