There is a threat to the triple lock on state pensions

The Triple Lock trip up, take two

By Richard Jackson | 26th July 2021

State pension increases and the Triple Lock are back in the spotlight. About a year ago, during the first wave of the pandemic, several…

Child Trust Funds are largely forgotten

The £9 billion Child Trust Funds backwater

By Richard Jackson | 23rd July 2021

Over £9 billion was invested in Child Trust Funds (CTFs) as of April 2020, according to new HMRC data. If you have a child…

Cash ISAs are the dominant form of ISA saving

Cash ISAs remain dominant: The wrong type of ISA?

By Richard Jackson | 20th July 2021

New statistics from HMRC show over £300bn invested in cash ISAs. One of the many knock-on effects of the pandemic has been that HMRC’s…

Planning your retirement income is not straightforward

How much pension?? What is an adequate retirement income?

By Richard Jackson | 16th July 2021

A leading pension think tank has examined this question – but the findings aren’t straightforward. Over the years, there has been much focus on…

what does the rest of the year hold for investors?

The year so far for investors: six months down…

By Richard Jackson | 14th July 2021

The first six months of 2021 have been rewarding for investors, but the next six are uncertain.  The first half of 2021 was a…

Inheritance tax is being reviewed

The OECD joins the inheritance tax debate

By Richard Jackson | 30th June 2021

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is the latest body to wade into the inheritance tax debate – on a global scale.   Inheritance…

Is inflation beginning to rise?

Is inflation creeping up?

By Richard Jackson | 28th June 2021

A global jump in inflation in 2021 is raising the prospect of a broader upward trend. The risk of the return of inflation has become…

Working from home - tax relief available

Claim your tax relief for working from home

By Richard Jackson | 25th June 2021

If you have been working from home during the pandemic, don’t forget you could be due some tax relief.  Employees, required by their employers to work…

Pension savings

Timing retirement saving

By Richard Jackson | 23rd June 2021

Research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) examines how pension contributions fit into life-cycle patterns.  Economists often seem to think in a way that is unique to their world. Many…

Unhappy families – challenging inheritance issues

By Richard Jackson | 21st June 2021

The outcome of a recent High Court case is a warning for anyone challenging a will.   As inheritances become more valuable, the number of disputes about wills have increased. Court…

Lessons from London Capital & Finance

By Richard Jackson | 27th May 2021

One of the last decade’s more infamous financial scandals has finally reached a conclusion.  The name of London Capital & Finance Plc (LCF) sounds…

An investment sector reshuffle

By Richard Jackson | 24th May 2021

The fund performance league tables have gained over 530 new funds since April.  In the middle of April, the trade body of investment managers,…

April is the month of benefit increases

By Richard Jackson | 21st May 2021

State pensions and the National Living Wage both increased in April.   April is the month when state benefits are uprated – unless they are…

Retirement in 2021… or beyond

By Richard Jackson | 20th May 2021

A recent survey of people who have or plan to retire in 2021 provides interesting insights, whatever your intended retirement year. The average age…

The ISA is now 20 years old - it it past its sell-by date

Are ISAs past their best-before dates?

By Richard Jackson | 20th May 2021

The role of Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) has changed since they were launched over 20 years ago, so are they still worth having?  Since…

Tax Day 2021

By Richard Jackson | 29th April 2021

The Spring Budget on 3 March was not the end of the taxing story. The run up to the March Budget was accompanied by…

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