Is interest in ISA’s beginning to wither on the vine?

Is interest in ISA's beginning to wither away?

ISA’s – New statistics show this year’s ISA season attracted less than half of last year’s total net investment.  The Investment Association (IA) recently published net sales figures for the ISA season, which it defines as March and April. It showed that the net inflow into the stocks and shares ISAs of its members amounted…

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An unexpected first quarter for 2022 for world’s share markets

World share market performance in the first quarter of 2022

Despite the numerous shocks that occurred in the first quarter of 2022, the world’s share markets held up surprisingly well.  INDEX Q1 2022 CHANGE FTSE 100 + 1.78% FTSE 250 – 9.88% Dow Jones Industrial – 4.57% Standard & Poor’s 500 – 4.95% Nikkei 225 – 3.37% Euro Stoxx 50 (€) – 9.21% Shanghai Composite…

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Quantitative tightening: a reversal of fortunes?

Quantitative easing is about to go into reverse as the Bank of England grapples with the strongest inflation in 40 years. So what will that mean for your investments?

One of the defining financial strategies of the last 13 years – quantitative easing – is about to go into reverse. The Bank of England will slowly trim its £9 trillion portfolio throughout 2022, but only time will tell when it comes to the impact on personal investments.  Source: Bank of England.  What happens when…

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No room for giveaways in OBR risk report

The Office for Budget Responsibility has warned the Chancellor will need £10bn to address Covid-19, climate change and government debt, not leaving much room for Budget giveaways.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has given Rishi Sunak its new worry list. It gives the Chancellor little wriggle room for potential Budget generosity. Every alternate year the OBR must issue a Fiscal Risks Report (FRR). Unlike the six-monthly economic outlooks the OBR produces for Budgets and (theoretically) Spring Statements, the FRR takes a…

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Retirement in 2021… or beyond

A recent survey of people who have or plan to retire in 2021 provides interesting insights, whatever your intended retirement year. The average age of people planning to retire in 2021 is 60, according to a recently published survey by investment manager, Standard Life Aberdeen. That is six years before current state pension age, which…

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Should you incorporate?

The planned increase in corporation tax has changed some of the mathematics on incorporation. The Budget announced a significant change to corporation tax from 2023:  Small companies, with profits of up to £50,000, would continue to pay the tax at the current rate of 19%, subject to adjustments for associated companies and financial periods of…

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First-time buyer deposits rise after Covid-19 property boom

The average deposit paid by first-time homebuyers jumped by £10,000 in 2020. When the pandemic took hold in the first half of last year, it looked as if the housing market was headed for a fall, if not something more dramatic. There were problems about viewing properties, arranging surveys, organising removals – you name it,…

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Triple lock survives – for now

The triple pensions lock remains for another year

The government has acted to ensure state pension increases can happen next April.  The Basic State Pension (BSP) and the New State Pension (NSP) – for anyone who reached State Pension Age after 5 April 2016 – are both subject to the ‘Triple Lock’ measure. This means that every April these two pensions increase by…

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Market update: a quieter quarter

Quiet Market A quiet 3rd quarter

The third quarter of 2020 saw share markets calmer than in the previous two.  For many, 2020 has not been a year they will want to remember. For investors, the first two quarters were a whiplash experience. For about a month from mid-February, Covid-19 pushed share markets down with a brutal abruptness. By the time…

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Tax planning – accumulated runs: two tricky hundreds

The cricket season may only now be slowly getting underway, but May saw the Chancellor score two centuries which, in different times, would have deeply worried investors, with implications for tax planning.  Every month the Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes a detailed summary of the public sector finances, showing how much the public sector…

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