New Covid-19 business support package available – apply by February 28

A new Covid-19 support package has been announced to assist around 200,000 businesses across England’s hospitality and leisure sectors impacted by the Omicron variant

A new support package has been announced to assist businesses impacted by the Covid-19 Omicron variant. Applications are open to the end of February, but many have said the measures don’t go far enough given the extensive losses suffered in the hospitality and leisure sectors over the festive period. Although no businesses were legally required…

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Shift your focus to tax year-end planning

With Christmas and New Year now over, it’s time to think about tax year-end planning.

With Christmas and New Year behind us, tax year-end planning should now be on your radar. The 2021/22 tax year will end on Tuesday 5 April. This year there is no Spring Budget and Easter arrives on 15 April, so no obstacles stand in the way of year-end tax planning. Nevertheless, the sooner you start…

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Uncertainties removed on two key personal taxes

The future of two personal taxes – inheritance and capital gains – has been clarified, with no major changes to be made to either, so now you have no excuse to delay estate and CGT planning.

The future of two important personal taxes – inheritance and capital gains – has finally been clarified, simplifying aspects of year-end planning.The extended wait highlights the difficulty of changing useful revenue-raising measures in uncertain times. Four years ago, in January 2018, when there seemed to be both appetite and scope for reformation of the tax…

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Share market performance: our 2021 investment wrap-up

Despite poor UK stocks and fixed-interest performance in 2021, most share-based funds produced solid returns during the year

The world’s share markets generally produced solid returns in 2021, but UK stocks and fixed-interest investments suffered. Maintaining an international outlook in your portfolio can help underpin its value. 2021 was a good year for most investors in share-based funds, particularly those who had holdings linked to the US market. Despite the optimism around the…

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Learning lessons from rising inflation and interest rates

interest rates set to peak in April

As 2021 drew to a close, inflation finally forced the Bank of England’s hand. What will higher rates mean for you? The November inflation figures, released in mid-December, once again exceeded the Bank of England’s (BoE) expectations. At the start of November, the BoE had said that CPI inflation was “expected to peak at around…

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England’s social care cost cap

The government has revealed more information on how the £86,000 social care cost cap will work in practice, which is less generous than expected. Have you factored the cost of care in your retirement plans?

More details have emerged on the £86,000 social care cost cap for England. At the start of September, the Prime Minister announced long-awaited plans for the funding of social care in England (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all have their own social care funding regimes). Alongside the announcement came the news of a new Health…

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Demerging China from emerging markets

Many investment professionals, including Goldman Sachs, are calling for China to be removed from the emerging markets indices after accounting for nearly 35% of it.

Some investment professionals are calling for China to be removed from the main emerging markets indices. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index is the leading emerging markets (EM) index, with over 1,400 constituents covering 26 countries. The value of investment capital either tracking or benchmarked against it measures in the trillions of dollars, a following that…

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