The 2019 investment year

Share prices rose globally in 2019

The world’s share markets enjoyed strong rises in 2019.  2019 was a very different year for investors from 2018. Whereas 2018 saw a pattern of losses across all major markets, 2019 was the exact opposite: the red numbers that marked a year of negative performance in 2018 were replaced by black. A good global example…

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The last LISA standing

Lisa - Lifetime Isa

At the start of December, the Help-to-Buy ISA was withdrawn for new investments. The Lifetime ISA (LISA) is now the only ISA plan offering incentives for first-time buyers. However, anyone who started a Help-to-Buy ISA before 1 December can continue to contribute up to £200 a month. They have until 1 December 2030 to claim…

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Venture capital trusts continue to attract investors

The latest statistics from HMRC show the inflows to venture capital trusts (VCTs) have more than doubled since 2009/10.  At the end of last year, HMRC published details of how much money was raised by VCTs in 2018/19. At £716m, the figure was the highest since 2005/06, when a temporarily higher rate of tax relief…

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New government, new tax targets?

How will the new government affect your financial planning?    December’s general election delivered a Conservative government with the sort of majority which consigns the knife-edge parliamentary battles of recent years to the past. So what will the new government do, apart from “get Brexit done”? A look at the Conservative manifesto, easily the shortest of the…

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Life expectancy shortens…or does it?

New calculations from the Office for National Statistics have lowered life expectancies. Every two years, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recalculates its national population projections (NPP). As part of the exercise, the ONS reviews and updates its assumptions about future mortality, which in turn will have an impact on population size. The latest figures,…

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