US Government Bonds: Riding out investment bends

US Government Bonds

Professional investor interest has been focusing on US government bonds, with potential lessons for long term investment.  On 22 March the US stock market caught a sudden – and brief – chill.  One of the main reasons was the red line in the graph shown below. This shows a yield curve plot, which shows the return…

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A popular peak for venture capital trusts

VCT funds at a peak

Figures recently released for last tax year show the highest level of VCT investment since 2005/06.  The Association of Investment Companies was quick off the mark after 5 April in announcing a near record level of fund raising for venture capital trusts (VCTs) in 2018/19. At £731m, 2018/19 VCT investment just beat the 2017/18 figure…

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Chinese investments: the ripple effect widens

It is not only Chinese mainland shares which are now attracting investor attention.  Over the past few years, the relevance of shares quoted on the mainland Chinese stock exchanges to global investors has grown considerably. China has opened access to its share markets via the Shanghai-Hong Kong and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock connect schemes. As we…

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Pension planning: How long do you want to work…?

Pension planning. Pension planning - More peopleworking past the age of 65

As people are living longer, a parallel older-age profile is emerging in the labour force.  Labour market statistics for the period of December 2018 to February 2019 revealed some impressive results. In the UK, employment of those aged 16–64 was running at 76.1%, the joint highest level ever and up 0.7% on a year ago. …

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