Abenomics – a different ending for Japan’s election gamble


Abenomics to continue? Not all snap elections turn out the same way… A right of centre Prime Minister calls an election before the end of the government’s term to take advantage of rising poll numbers and seeming disarray amongst the opposition parties. What could possibly go wrong? In the UK, the answer was close to…

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UK share dividends rise

UK share dividends rising rapidly Has your income risen by 14.3% over the past year?  Statistics show that from UK share dividends are still rising rapidly. The latest quarterly ‘UK Dividend Monitor’ from Capita Asset Services paints a rosy picture for income-seeking investors in UK shares. As Capita noted, “Companies are very cash-generative, which is strongly…

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State pension rise 2018 – no cause to celebrate

State pension rise in 2018 is no cause to celebrate

The state pensions will rise by 3% next April, but it’s not all strictly good news. On the day that a CPI inflation rate of 3% was announced, the BBC website covering the rise had a picture of pensioners “dancing for joy”. The supposed reason for their jollity was that the 3% September inflation figure…

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Rise in popularity for venture capital trusts

New figures from HMRC show a large jump in investments in venture capital trusts in 2016/17.  In September HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) issued updated statistics on the funds raised by venture capital trusts (VCTs). These showed that investment during last tax year reached £570m, an increase of over 28% on 2015/16. This was the…

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Inflation level triggers interest rate rise

First interest rate rise in the UK for a decade.

September inflation was just low enough to spare Mark Carney writing to the Chancellor. And helped spur the first interest rate rise in a decade. Each year the Chancellor of the day gives the Bank of England an inflation target to meet. Ever since Gordon Brown changed the inflation index used to the Consumer Prices…

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