State Pension Age rising sooner to 68

Rise in state pension age announced

An independent review has recommended bringing forward the move to a state pension age (SPA) of 68. There was a time when men received their state pension age 65 and women from age 60. Those numbers may still be locked in your memory, but they are heading towards their own retirement. Currently a woman’s state…

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The new NS&I bond – is that it?

New NS&I Bond

The Budget confirmed the rate on the new (NS&I) National Savings & Investments Bond. Two point two percent. That is the fixed rate on the “welcome break for hard-pressed savers” which Mr Hammond confirmed in last month’s Budget. The new NS&I three year fixed rate bond will be available from April for a period of…

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US interest rates go up, but the UK bides its time

US interest rates rise as UK bides its time

The US central bank, the Federal Reserve, has ensured that US interest rates rise for a third time. This might look like a piece of modern art, but it’s not. The illustration above is what has become known as the “dot plot”. Each dot represents where a member of the US Federal Reserve’s rate-setting committee expects…

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It may be time to review your salary sacrifice arrangements

New rules for taxing many salary sacrifice arrangements came into force from 6 April. One of the employment trends of recent years has been to make employee remuneration more flexible. Instead of pay and, if you were lucky, a company car and healthcare, ‘cafeteria remuneration’ has become common, giving employees the choice of sacrificing pay…

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The dividend allowance cut – what’s the damage?

The compabny dividend allowance is to be cut

One of the few surprises in the March Budget was a cut to the dividend allowance to come in 2018/19.   The dividend allowance first saw the light of day in the post-election Budget of July 2015. It was designed primarily to discourage self-employed business owners from using incorporation as a way of avoiding national insurance…

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Improvements planned for ailing ISA


New regulations promise another improvement to ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts)  soon. Recent statistics issued by the Investment Association (IA) point to a declining interest in individual savings accounts (ISAs). In 2016 the IA recorded only two months in which new money flowing into ISAs exceeded existing money flowing out. Not surprisingly, the two months of…

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