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Jackson Toms - the pensions specialists

The local pensions specialists

If you require pension advice look no further than Jackson Toms, the pensions specialists. We are highly experienced financial advisers, offering a professional independent service to our clients since 2003.

The value of the investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in.

Why Jackson Toms

Our reputation is built on the quality of service we provide. Our advice is based on a full understanding of every client's personal circumstances and We perform a full fact find into what is best for your specific situation.

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Expert advice

Making plans for the future - and understanding the financial options for retirement available to you are among the most important decisions that we make in life. That's why the help of a qualified independent advisor can help.

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News and comment

Lessons from London Capital & Finance

By Richard Jackson | 27th May 2021

One of the last decade’s more infamous financial scandals has finally reached a conclusion.  The name of London Capital & Finance Plc (LCF) sounds impressive, but the business behind it was anything but. In the late 2010s, LCF issued ‘mini-bonds’, raising capital from individual investors to lend on to small businesses. LCF offered rates of…

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An investment sector reshuffle

By Richard Jackson | 24th May 2021

The fund performance league tables have gained over 530 new funds since April.  In the middle of April, the trade body of investment managers, the Investment Association, made a radical revamp to its fund sectors. As a result, many of the investment performance league tables have been changed subtly, even though the performance of the…

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Retirement in 2021… or beyond

By Richard Jackson | 20th May 2021

A recent survey of people who have or plan to retire in 2021 provides interesting insights, whatever your intended retirement year. The average age of people planning to retire in 2021 is 60, according to a recently published survey by investment manager, Standard Life Aberdeen. That is six years before current state pension age, which…

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Are ISAs past their best-before dates?

By Richard Jackson | 20th May 2021

The role of Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) has changed since they were launched over 20 years ago, so are they still worth having?  Since ISAs were introduced in April 1999 the ISA portfolio has been extended to include: Junior ISAs (for the under-18s). Help to Buy ISAs (no longer on sale). Innovative Finance ISAs (for crowdfunding…

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Tax Day 2021

By Richard Jackson | 29th April 2021

The Spring Budget on 3 March was not the end of the taxing story. The run up to the March Budget was accompanied by much press speculation about changes to capital gains tax (CGT), inheritance tax (IHT) and pension tax relief. The first two had been the subject of reports from the Office of Tax…

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ESG comes into its own

By Richard Jackson | 28th April 2021

Three letters, ESG, have become a major driving force in investment decisions.  ESG – environmental, social and governance – considerations are playing an ever-increasing role in investment decisions. What used to be classed as ethical investment, socially responsible investment (SRI) and green investment have now to some extent merged under the ESG banner. The table…

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Jackson Toms

Jackson Toms Financial Services Limited was founded in 2003 by Richard Jackson and Martin Toms, who ran his own accountancy practice from 1982 to 2006. We have worked extremely hard to build and develop an excellent reputation in  Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. We have done this by providing financial services which are tailored around the unique requirements of the client.

Retirement planning

Whatever your feelings, retirement is probably the major opportunity of your life for a new and potentially very enjoyable phase of life in which you and not others manage your time.
At Jackson Toms we will do a full fact find to see what will best suit your needs.

Call us today to make an appointment for Retirement Planning in Kettering on 01536 526 088.

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Jackson Toms Financial Services are experts in:
■ Pensions
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■ Retirement Planning
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■ Bringing Pensions together
■ Ongoing Investment Advice

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