Pension tax relief

Is a flat rate scheme coming to pension tax relief?

By Richard Jackson | 16th August 2018

The prospect of a flat rate of tax relief on pension contributions has resurfaced in the national press. The cost of pension relief has…

Suadi Arabia has been named as the next emerging market by a global stock index.

Saudi Arabia: the next emerging market

By Richard Jackson | 30th July 2018

The June 2018 review of constituents for the main Emerging Markets Index has produced a few surprises. The MSCI Emerging Market Index is one of…

Top earners increase their share of tax payments

By Richard Jackson | 30th July 2018

HMRC’s latest statistics provide an insight into the income tax paying population. The figures reveal changes in the distribution of tax revenue over the last…

Understanding what goes in to the FTSE100

By Richard Jackson | 27th July 2018

The latest quarterly review of the FTSE 100 revealed common misunderstandings about how the index is drawn up. Every quarter FTSE Russell, which operates…

National Savings & Investments focusing on smaller investors

By Richard Jackson | 25th July 2018

National Savings & Investments (NS&I) has introduced limits on its offerings for wealthier savers.  In mid-June NS&I announced a revision to the terms of…

Interest rates for the Eurozone and US diverge

By Richard Jackson | 19th July 2018

Important interest rate announcements were made in June, both in the UK and the US.  The US Federal Reserve announced its seventh 0.25% increase…

Pension transfers skyrocket

By Richard Jackson | 22nd June 2018

Pension transfers out of the private sector final salaries boomed in 2017. There was a dramatic increase in the value of number of transfers…

Interest rate rises are increasingly difficult to predict.

Interest rate rises prove hard to predict

By Richard Jackson | 19th June 2018

The Bank of England did not raise interest rates in May, despite earlier suggestions that it would.  About four years ago a member of…

Savings tax review aims to simplify complex regulations

Savings tax review searches for simplicity

By Richard Jackson | 15th June 2018

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) is carrying out a savings tax review. The OTS is looking at the way in which savings and…

Mainland Chinese shares join the MSCI index

By Richard Jackson | 15th June 2018

Important changes affecting market indices for Chinese shares took effect in June, which could affect emerging market funds. On 1 June, the index provider…

Baby boomers could face the brunt of proposed new tax changes

Could major tax changes help young people?

By Richard Jackson | 12th June 2018

A new report has proposed major tax changes by taxing baby boomers more,  to help resolve major issues around what’s called  intergenerational fairness. The…

Increasing inheritance benefits for couples

By Richard Jackson | 28th May 2018

Couples could now save an extra £20,000 of inheritance tax (IHT), as the residence nil rate band (RNRB) increased in April 2018. The RNRB…

The threshold for student loan repayments rose in April - but it's not all good news.

Higher threshold for student loan repayments

By Richard Jackson | 24th May 2018

The income threshold at which student loan repayments begin rose at the start of the new financial year on April 6. English and Welsh students who…

Tax return advice from Jackson Toms

Taking early advice on your tax return

By Richard Jackson | 20th May 2018

HMRC is starting the tax year with their annual reminder to submit your tax return. HMRC’s reminder might seem early, but its statistics show…

How useful is the Dow Jones index

How useful is the Dow?

By Richard Jackson | 16th May 2018

The Dow Jones industrial Average – the Dow – is a well-known part of the investment market, often quoted by news sources. But what…

The UK inflation rate is falling

Pressure is dropping on inflation rate

By Richard Jackson | 10th May 2018

The UK inflation rate is falling faster than expected, as the March figure for the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 2.5%. This March figure,…

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