Tax levels are changing for auto-enrolment pensions

New earnings thresholds for auto-enrolment

By Richard Jackson | 8th January 2019

In early December the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced the thresholds that should apply to automatic enrolment pension contributions from 6 April…

Inheritance tax review

Office of Tax Simplification’s first report on inheritance tax

By Richard Jackson | 21st December 2018

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published the first part of its inheritance tax (IHT) simplification review. The report highlights a variety of…

Index linked national savings certificates

Index-linked National Savings certificates

By Richard Jackson | 20th December 2018

The popular National Savings & Investments (NS&I) savings certificates will be indexed to CPI instead of RPI from next year. The certificates have not…

UK dividends remain strong despite volatile markets

UK dividends remain strong despite volatile markets

By Richard Jackson | 18th December 2018

UK dividends are continuing to grow faster than inflation, according to the latest quarterly data from Link Asset Service. The latest UK Dividend Monitor…

Probate fees are to be changed

New probate fees to affect many estates

By Richard Jackson | 11th December 2018

The current fees are £215 for individual applications and £155 via a solicitor, with nothing payable if the estate value is up to £5,000.…

State pension age equalises at 65 for men and women

State pension equality means increases for all

By Richard Jackson | 11th December 2018

The State Pension Age (SPA) became equal for men and women for the first time, at age 65, on 6 November 2018. Having reached…

State pensions rise with inflation thanks to the triple lock

By Richard Jackson | 26th November 2018

A 2.6% rise in the single tier state pension was announced in the 2018 Budget. The increase to the single tier state pension, and…

Inflation eating into the value of savings

By Richard Jackson | 23rd November 2018

Inflation still outpaces nearly all available deposit rates. At the end of September, the US bank, Goldman Sachs, launched a new online easy-access savings…

The risks of late estate planning

By Richard Jackson | 18th November 2018

Imagine you are named as the executor and a beneficiary of your wife’s wealthy aunt. You learn that she is suffering from terminal cancer…

Unmarried couples lack the rights of married couples

By Richard Jackson | 14th November 2018

Two recent events have shone different lights on the government’s view of unmarried couples.    As the graph shows, marriage has been drifting out…

The Budget: an end to austerity?

By Richard Jackson | 6th November 2018

The 2018 Budget – delivered on a Monday for the first time since 1962 – produced a number of surprises, not least some high-profile…

More people working past 65

By Richard Jackson | 18th October 2018

Do you want to work into your old age? Do you fancy working past 65? The trend of rising employment levels is not limited to…

Proposed tax reform would target FAANS companies

Tax reform – taking a different view

By Richard Jackson | 18th October 2018

Tax reform has raised its head as a leading think tank has proposed a radical shake up of the UK tax system. The Institute…

The appeal of the cash ISA is waning

Losing interest in cash ISAs

By Richard Jackson | 9th October 2018

The popularity of cash ISAs is continuing to wane, according to new statistics from HMRC. With inflation persistently above interest rates, it’s not hard…

Chancellor Philip Hammond sets a late October date for the 2018 Budget

2018 Budget – trick or treat? Chancellor calls budget for late October

By Richard Jackson | 8th October 2018

The 2018 Budget has been set for Monday 29 October, setting a deadline for speculation and proposals. Mr Hammond, however, has indicated that he…

Life expectancy continues to rise in the UK

Life expectancy slows

By Richard Jackson | 28th September 2018

A paper published in August by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) casts new light on old age and life expectancy in the UK.…

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