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And after the election – tax increases?

Tax increases may be on the horizon

There is unfinished business for the new government to deal with – and tax increases may well be on the radar.  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. However, when it comes to general elections, there is plenty of history to suggest that tax increases are more likely in the first Budget…

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Revisiting social care in the election campaign

The general election campaign provided a reminder that the issue of funding social care remains unresolved. Who pays how much for long term care in England came to the fore last month. It is one of those subjects which successive governments have repeatedly kicked down the road. Nearly 20 years ago the then Labour government…

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FTSE at 20,000

No, it’s not a mistake, but it is not the FTSE 100, either. The most frequently quoted index of UK share prices is the FTSE 100 index, or the “Footsie” as it is frequently described. The FTSE 100 index was launched at the end of 1983, with the aim of giving a yardstick to the…

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Interest rates – Bank of England has a slight change of heart  

The latest Quarterly Inflation Report (QIR) from the Bank of England has been published and shows that ‘the Old Lady’ has changed her mind a little. But the market projections for short-term interest rates don’t make for helpful reading for those with cash deposits. The QIR was published in May, a few days before the…

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2017 election: income tax revisited

The 2017 election manifestos offered little good news on the future of income tax. Judging by the manifestos of the three main political parties, the days of appealing to voters by cutting income tax (and its alter ego, national insurance) are over: The Conservatives repeated their 2015 manifesto promise of a personal allowance of £12,500…

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